The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins on MNmore is as close as you can get to being a sibling to Nikki and Brie Bella. With exclusive daily videos revealing the twin sisters’ lives beyond the WWE spotlight and reality TV cameras, this channel is the Bellas’ world through their own eyes.

Watch personal vlogs about fashion, beauty and babies (congrats, Brie \u0026 Daniel and Nikki \u0026 Artem!); laugh and cry at home videos (including awkward tween moments!); follow collaborations with famous MNmorers, and get never-before-granted access to the biggest, most star-studded events around the world, all with Nikki and Brie as your guides.

Hear the Twins’ most intimate thoughts and feelings through their everyday experiences with family, friends and French bulldogs (Penelope \u0026 Winston), Brie’s romantic relationship with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan and Nikki’s relationship with “Dancing with the Stars” alum Artem Chigvintsev.



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    Semina Gudzevic

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  2. Hamid Abdali

    Hamid Abdali

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    i love bella she is having a very smochy kiss, i am n my 40z, i always tasted new girl in a islamic country where before marriage u will go die without marriage, and in us, u can't have 2 or 3 wifes,,, but bella is a very deep and hard wine,, from her movies ,, i can say that and that is a great thing that this story revive behind cena and lita,, and chyna i loved her very much but i found she was dead in her apartment alone, having the last red winfe of green life,, i went to turkey central asia but back deported,,, i didn't knew the distney wd change like that,, i think 3H was his before boyfriend, i respect her and one day wil meet her grave and xray how she looks... i think when u feel love for someone it don't maters if she is alive or in a grave years before lieing

  3. Kimberly Jones

    Kimberly Jones

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    I can’t wait for Matteo and buddy to play with their moms dolls

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    Darkness night Thought

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    Nice mam looking good love from Orlando please like my comments mam

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    George Byrd

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    Ok that fall Nikki did when nia screamed. When they was a attacking her got me

  6. TheAndreaOhh


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    Definitely the Outlaw Chefs...until of course you are In laws 😉😊

  7. kathy hendry

    kathy hendry

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    Thanks you Nikki and Bree you are so kind and inspiring and your guest was lovely

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    ❤️🖤💜💗❤️I love watching on this channel my love from Philippines❤️🖤💜💗❤️

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    Love you Bella twins ♥️

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    Sweet one adorable twins ❤️❤️

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    I want a podcast with John Cena tanks

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    Hello boys

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    John Cena♡♡

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    N D

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    Tess is going to die young and we're all just going to stand around doing nothing but praising her for being a bad example to girls everywhere.

  16. kamala bohara

    kamala bohara

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    nikki bella back 2022

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    Very nice

  18. pukan gayary

    pukan gayary

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    Favorite forever ❤️❤️.Total Bella's❤️❤️

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    I saw a awesome dream today !!!!!!!!❤️🎉👍🎉 I saw The Bella Twins come back to WWF !!!!!! I was so happy and when I woke up I saw this notification !!!!! Such a good start of the day !!!!!!! I love it ❤️🎉👍🎉❤️

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    Roxanne Renteria

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    We need another collab with the amazing merrell twins with exercising tips/workout tips on what it takes to be a total bella love u so so much wishing all the best for you beauty queens 💖🥂💖

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    I love your bright smile,

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    Elisabeth rose Hicks

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    That made me cry to Winston like that

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    this baby so cute ohh

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    i love you

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    I can’t believe birdie is 3 already

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    Anh em vn đâu

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    Becky lynch is always a glow up i miss u becy

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    F A K E and don't forget C R I N G E Y A S F U C K

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    I love this channel.

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    This is so fake...

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    What kind of loser subscribes to MNmore premium

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    Grace Brogan

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    At 1:22 in the video my mom said that she wished her brother did that for her

  44. Latavia Daniel

    Latavia Daniel

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    Brie you. Are prettier than Kim Kardashian and Kylie

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    20 цагийн өмнө

    I think the body positivity movement is not saying it’s ok to be unhealthy but that it’s ok to feel good about yourself. That you can just be a person and not a number.

  47. Latavia Daniel

    Latavia Daniel

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    I lobe y’all so much bue

  48. K S0731

    K S0731

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    It seems a little hypocritical for the twins to have her on. They are all about health and fitness but yet they are promoting this dangerous ideology of all sizes. They wouldn’t have someone like Eugenia cooney on the podcast promoting body positivity so why would they have an obese woman. Yes I understand body positivity and for a lot I understand but let’s not sweep this under the rug.

    • MC Cham

      MC Cham

      12 цагийн өмнө

      I agree.

  49. Latavia Daniel

    Latavia Daniel

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    I love y’all so much

  50. Latavia Daniel

    Latavia Daniel

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    If you are not that busy can you start making videos more often because I start to get bored by watching the old videos

    • Chris Bradley

      Chris Bradley

      17 цагийн өмнө

      i think they usually have a day were they make a bunch of videos then upload them i have noticed in the odler videos they are usually in the same clothes for multiple videos

  51. Azriel Cruz

    Azriel Cruz

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  52. Ed Walden

    Ed Walden

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    You did tamales on Total Bellas, can Chef Brie make Tamales at home?

  53. Laxjeet Dhokti

    Laxjeet Dhokti

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    Hlo my favourite WWE champions

  54. Tykeriah Williams

    Tykeriah Williams

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    So thay just annoying me about bringing on Sasha Banks if she want to come on

  55. muskan Kaur heera

    muskan Kaur heera

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    Bella twins we love you . ❤️❤️❤️

  56. Mr36er!


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    She seems a nice woman, but encouraging people to be that unhealthy isn’t good.

    • Melanie Farineau

      Melanie Farineau

      19 цагийн өмнө

      I believe than you don't understand their message i believe !The message want tell all simply :be nice, polite and respectuous with the overweight as much than the thin! And by the way ,read my comments in the comments !Maybe you go understand and learn things!

  57. Mario Salinas

    Mario Salinas

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    Cup of him and be real with me my name is Maria